VIN Verification Services in Seaside CA

Are you ready to take your new ride for a spin? Is your joy-ride being held up by paperwork? Vintage VIN can help you hit the road. Contact our experts for VIN verification in Seaside, CA. We specialize in modern and antique cars as well as motorcycles. Call on our team for:

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VIN verification

Vintage VIN is experienced with hard-to-verify vehicles. We have worked with auction houses and vehicles across the state of California from all decades. Our mobile team will come to your vehicle, obtain your VIN and complete the necessary paperwork to verify it.

registration paperwork

Registration paperwork service

Has your vehicle been out of circulation for a while? Gaps in registration can make this process complex and challenging. Our team makes it easy. Our expertise allows us to streamline this process and make your ride legit.

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Title facilitator

Few vehicle owners enjoy the process of obtaining or changing the title on their car. If not completed properly, this paperwork can get messy. We ensure everything is filled out so it can be filed correctly, to allow you to enjoy a clean title and a fun ride.

classic cars

Classic cars

Vehicles manufactured before the 1970s can be a challenge to verify. For Vintage VIN, this isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s our specialty. We have worked with auction houses such as Gooding & Company to verify antiques from 1901-1941. Contact us with your old-car challenge. We’re happy to meet it!

modern cars

Modern cars

Our knowledge doesn’t end with the antiques. Our team is qualified to help you with modern titles and registrations as well. We offer extensive understanding of the process to streamline the experience and get you on the road faster, with fewer headaches.



Need help with a car VIN check in Seaside, CA that’s for a motorcycle? No problem. We offer expertise in assistance with these vehicles, too. Simply contact our staff, and we’ll get started on your motorcycle VIN verification or title work.

Start Your Paperwork Engine

Vintage VIN is ready to get you rolling with VIN verification, title and registration work. Reach our experts today at 831-238-0961 to get started.